Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pet Piranha Entertainment

Q: What’s an “entertainment company”?

A: In general, entertainment companies create or acquire original ideas and concepts which they develop (solely or with a partner production company) into media products such as books, games, music, television, and film. Pet Piranha Entertainment focuses specifically on creating and developing properties for comic-related media including graphic novels, comic books, electronic content, film, and associated merchandise.


Q: How did Pet Piranha get started?

A: Pet Piranha Entertainment was founded in 2011 by long-time comic-book aficionado, Jay Magnum, in order to facilitate the creation of new and original material for the comics industry.  Read more about us here


Q: What classification of company is Pet Piranha?

A: Pet Piranha Entertainment is a privately-owned business headquartered in Jacksonville, FL.


Q: What are Pet Piranha’s current projects and what are the estimated release dates?

A: See our projects page for specific details.


Q: Can I invest in the company or contribute to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign for any of the projects?

A: Thanks for your interest in supporting us! The company is privately funded and we are not seeking additional investors at this time, nor are we crowdsourcing any of our projects.  However, we are currently offering a line of “Pet Piranha Entertainment”-branded merchandise for sale to the general public, which will help supplement our current funding sources (see next question).

Pet Piranha Entertainment champions independent comics and encourages you to do the same!


Q: Can I buy “Pet Piranha Entertainment” merchandise?

A: Yes!  We’re currently offering a line of “Pet Piranha Entertainment”-branded merchandise which is available for purchase to anyone!  If you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it then please contact us with your idea.  We’d love to hear your suggestions!


Q: How can I stay informed about Pet Piranha’s latest news and events?

A: We’re happy that you want to keep up with us! There are several ways:

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